Carling Group of Companies Leadership

Didi Discar

/ Principal

Didi enjoys raising the bar. Whether she’s exploring market opportunities with a client or leading a discussion among seasoned physicians, Didi poses targeted, thought-provoking questions that... Read More >

Randy Adams

/ Executive Vice President, Client Strategy

Some may say Randy has an unfair advantage. After 13 years on the client side of pharmaceutical sales and marketing, Randy instinctively knows what a client needs and how to effectively assist a... Read More >

Nik Patel

/ Senior Vice President, Medical Strategy

Nik is all about organization and efficiency. In everything he does, he strives to wow clients while driving strategy and innovation with aggressive goals, all the while looking to overdeliver. Nik... Read More >

Lisa Pecora

/ Executive Vice President, CFO

Lisa is a master storyteller. Using a balance of financial analysis, interpersonal insights, and business acumen, she crafts detailed narratives that synthesize where we’ve been with where... Read More >

Sherri Wilkins

/ Chief Creative Officer

Above all things, Sherri is a Tar Heel. North Carolina born and bred, she brings her Southern charm to Southern California, using it to get the most out of those around her and to do the best work... Read More >

Rob Heller

/ Vice President, Creative Director

Rob brings a passion… for passion to the creative department. Whether engaging with clients or conceptualizing with the creative team over the latest marketing challenge, Rob leads others in... Read More >

Jim Haag

/ Vice President, Creative Director

Jim is somewhat of an illusionist. He has the ability to make ideas appear…out of nowhere. And while some may try to mask a weak idea behind an attractive design, Jim knows it’s a campaign built... Read More >